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The Primary Care Build Back Better program has been developed to support northern Queensland general practices and Aboriginal Medical Services (AMSs), and their teams in change and reform readiness.

Since March 2020, general practices and AMSs have changed how they deliver care. From conducting consultations remotely via telehealth and adopting new policies and procedures, to training and retraining staff. Being reform and change ready will equip general practices and AMSs with skills to handle the future of primary health care and learn from and contribute to the changing health care landscape.

The Primary Care Build Back Better program is a two-year initiative which aims to build the capacity and capability of general practices and AMSs for future success and sustainability by developing and strengthening the skills, abilities, processes, and resources needed to survive, adapt, and thrive in a changing environment following the three-year impact of the COVID-19 crisis. 

To date activities that have been part of this initiative include:

  • emergency SMS grants
  • digital capability grants
  • funds to address urgent resourcing in response to COVID-19 demands
  • funding for after hours, chronic disease management, and service provision. 

The Primary Care Build Back Better program will be built into these existing NQPHN-funded programs and is dedicated to:

  • developing enhanced leadership skills and abilities to effectively manage reform
  • delivering improved data capabilities and capacity for optimal care and practice population management
  • building general practice sustainability
  • developing change management skills and knowledge
  • supporting the uptake and implementation of digital technologies. 
Upcoming training and education workshops

Prestantia Health is currently in the process of developing some video assets for those who were unable to attend the recent workshops.  More information will be available shortly as these become available.

NQPHN will be offering a refreshed program including online assets and events in 2024 including:

  • 10 micro (15-20 minute) learning videos (CPD included) on practice sustainability and driving practice improvement and transformation
  • Five sessions of online group coaching offered to cohort 2 participants.
Practice coaching Option 1 Option 2
Session 1

Tuesday 5 Mar 1pm - 2.30pm 

Thursday 7 Mar 1pm – 2.30pm 

Session 2

Tuesday 26 Mar 1pm - 2.30pm 

Thursday 28 Mar 1pm – 2.30pm 

Session 3

Tuesday 23 Apr 1pm - 2.30pm 

Thursday 2 May 1pm – 2.30pm 

Session 4

Tuesday 14 May 1pm – 2.30pm 

Thursday 16 May 1pm – 2.30pm 

Session 5

Tuesday 4 Jun 1pm – 2.30pm

Thursday 6 Jun 1pm – 2.30pm

Note: You will only be required to attend one option (Tuesdays or Thursdays) per session.

 Some testimonials from the recently held face-to-face workshops include:

“Workshop was helpful in explaining simply the benefits of registering to MyMedicare as there has been mixed feeling at the outcome and benefits, and it was explained in concepts that are related to daily operational service outcomes”. 
“Felt the session was interactive, engaging, provided awareness and education on MyMedicare for long term potential and sustainability”. 

Build Back Better workshops

If you would still like to sign up to the program, please register your interest here.

Note: CPD hours for all webinars, workshops, and coaching attendance to be confirmed.

Build Back Better coaches share their insights

If you haven’t experienced practice coaching before, our coaches (subject matter experts in practice transformation) recently shared their insights on what coaching involves and how to get the best out of it. 

Get in touch

If you have any queries regarding the Primary Care Build Back Better Program, please contact the Prestantia Health delivery team at or your local NQPHN Primary Care Engagement Team.

20 February 2024