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The Inca Integrated Care Platform is a comprehensive shared health record and care planning solution that connects patients and their care team. 

With up-to-date access to patient information, Inca allows providers to give the best and most informed care to patients, drive clinical efficiency, and maximise patient engagement.

Practices can:

  • See all patient data in a single place.
  • Keep patients and care teams on the same page.
  • Identify care gaps faster.
  • Reveal actionable insights.
  • Integration - Inca syncs with all major practice software to automatically populate key demographics and clinical information.
  • Care plans - Inca creates Medicare-compliant GPMPs and TCAs. Guided templates have been developed in consultation with the RACGP and include input from key advisory agencies such as Diabetes Australia.
  • Shared health record - Real-time access allows care team members to communicate easily and share reports, case notes, and other patient details. This visibility allows for better-informed decision making which can lead to improved patient outcomes.
  • Patient engagement - Patient engagement is a key contributor to the success of care plans. Inca provides patients with access to their personalised care plans and allows them to communicate with their care team via the Inca web portal. The Meditracker App also allows patients to access their health record at any time.

INCA integrates seamlessly with general practice software consolidating information including diagnosis, medication, immunisation, and pathology, as well as allied health and specialist reports and notes, and hospital data. There is also the ability to include information from Bluetooth devices that a patient uses at home within a patient record. This presents a true multidisciplinary view of the patient health history to those providing care.

Any documents added to the Inca record from other team care providers can be downloaded into your practice software patient file.

Inca process diagram

Click here to watch a video on how to use the Initial Assessment and Referral – Decision Support Tool (IAR-DST) in Inca.

Inca registration and further information

NQPHN are funding all general practices in the region. Other team care professionals do not need the platform installed to access a patients care plan.

For more information or help to register for a licence, contact the NQPHN Primary Care Engagement Team on email

Register your practice for an Inca licence here.

Inca is powered by Precedence Health Care who have been delivering digital health solutions in Australia for over 15 years as a part of the Sonic Healthcare Group.

10 May 2024