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Fine smoke particles can cause health problems like itchy or burning eyes, throat irritation, a runny nose, and illnesses like bronchitis. They can also aggravate existing lung conditions, like chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. Symptoms can occur for several days after smoke is inhaled.

Residents should:

  • close windows and doors
  • use fans or air conditioning on recirculating mode to keep cool
  • keep medications close by if suffering a respiratory condition
  • be vigilant in taking prescribed medications for existing lung conditions.

If you have a known respiratory condition such as asthma please have your regular medication at hand and see your GP if you do not feel you are adequately prepared.

Residents should call Triple Zero (000) if you are having health problems or believe your property is under threat.

For more information, view the resources on the right of this page. 

19 December 2023