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To ensure that First Nations people in North Queensland are receiving the right care, at the right time, and in the right place, NQPHN has committed to delivering a codesigned comprehensive 12-months First Nations Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program.

The aim of the program is to work with primary care providers to provide First Nations people with increased access to coordinated, quality, and culturally safe care, using the 715 Health Assessment as the basis for identification of health needs.

In line with the Indigenous Australians’ Health Programme (IAHP), the overarching goals of this CQI program are to improve:

  • the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • access to high-quality, comprehensive, and culturally appropriate primary health care
  • the way primary health care services operate, so that they better cater for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Enhance identification of preventable chronic health conditions in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population within NQPHN region.
  • Improve care co-ordination and management of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients attending mainstream general practices and/or AMS.
  • Ensure all eligible patients are registered for PBS co-payments.
  • Increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients undertaking a health assessment (MBS 715).
  • Identify any modifiable factors for chronic disease and improve navigation through the health system for appropriate support and treatment.
  • Foster culturally safe environments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to obtain medical care and assessment.
  • Assist general practices to meet Accreditation 5th standards.
  • Support mainstream general practices to meet eligibility to receive PIP Indigenous Incentive payment.
  • Improve practice data quality and registration of patients.

As part of the First Nations CQI Program, participating practices will:

  • receive Cultural Safety and Awareness training (where required)
  • receive free resources and education to assist with providing comprehensive, culturally sensitive health assessments
  • receive access to electronic Shared Care solution platform
  • meet Practice Incentives Program (PIP) Quality Improvement (QI) and Accreditation Standards for Quality Improvement
  • meet requirements for Practice Incentive Payment Indigenous Health Incentive
  • identify patients eligible for Closing the Gap PBS co-payments
  • receive GoShare Plus licenses and bundle for recall of patients
  • receive TrainIT – Katrina Otto – data management and usage
  • have access to educational events provided by highly regarded clinicians (general practice, psychology, chronic disease management).
22 January 2024