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Published 17 May 2023

Pharmacy expands patient counselling service with digital upgrade

Pharmacist Stephen Hall and David Griffiths (right) from Griffiths Pharmacy in Charter Towers with new iPads

A pharmacy in Charters Towers will expand its patient counselling services by offering a new way to engage and learn with the latest technology and equipment into patient care, according to Griffiths Pharmacy Manager Stephen Hall.

Griffiths Pharmacy will release new resources to enhance the pharmacy’s ability to provide information, while helping patients better manage their health and medications.

“We plan to make our patient counselling a much more interactive experience by using new iPads to educate patients on their health conditions,” Mr Hall said.

“Our aim is to provide them with greater access to information and resources for better managing their health conditions.”

Griffiths Pharmacy was a successful applicant in the most recent round of Northern Queensland Primary Health Network’s (NQPHN) Digital Capability Grants.

Mr Hall said the pharmacy staff were excited to embrace the new technology and equipment.

“We have used the grant funding to purchase two iPads to be used for our patient counselling,” he said. “This will be a new technological offering.

“These iPads will provide us with another medium to use to interact with our patients, especially for patients that prefer a more visual form of communication.

“It is great for our staff to see that we are investing in the technology and services for the health of our patients.

“I also believe it will make it easier for our staff in their interactions with patients and allow them to create more value by sharing online resources and education.”

Each NQPHN Digital Capability Grant (phase 1) is $1,000 and the program aims to help primary care providers in the NQPHN region grow and develop a seamless digital health care service for their patients.

Grant applications are accepted per business/organisation, not per individual provider. The NQPHN Digital Capability Grants Program (phase 2) will be launching soon.

Last updated: 17 May 2023