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Build Back Better: Digital Capability Grant Program 2023 (round two)

Published 04 May 2023

NQPHN is excited to announce round two of the Digital Capability grant program is now open. These grants provide health professionals the opportunity to grow and develop a seamless digital health care service for their patients.

Digital Capability grant program 2023.

Digital Capability grant (round two) details

  • Open to allied health clinics and pharmacies in the NQPHN catchment to grow and develop digital health care capability.
  • Grants of $3,000 (ex. GST) available per allied health clinic/pharmacy (note: one application per business/organisation, NOT per individual provider).
  • Successful organisations who applied for round one grants are not eligible to apply for round two.
  • Closing date for applications: Friday 9 June 2023 (or earlier if funds are exhausted prior to closing date).

How to apply (Step 1 and Step 2 must be completed if you wish to apply for the funding)

Step 1: Complete the NQPHN Digital Health Maturity Self-Assessment Tool. The tool will provide you with the ability to measure/assess your organisation/business’ current level of digital capability in the managing and delivery of health services. We will provide a report back to your business/organisation summarising your results, and provide links to resources to support further development of your digital capability. 

Step 2: Complete the NQPHN Digital Capability grant round two application, which includes: 

  • acknowledgement that the $3,000 (ex. GST) funding will be used to support digital capability

  • compliant GST tax invoice for reimbursement (for use if application is successful)

  • a summary of your planned use of funds to increase your digital capability.  

Note: NQPHN will not consider applications that do not include all required documentation.

NQPHN will assess your completed application and inform you of the outcome.

Grant use examples

Examples of how grant funding can be used to enhance your organisation/business' digital health capability may include (but is not limited to) the following digital and technology resources: 

  • cameras (to support/enable virtual face to face consultations)  

  • microphones (to support/enable virtual face to face consultations)  

  • iPads (to support/enable virtual face to face consultations off site, and access to patient education resources onsite and offsite)  

  • broadband (increase plan). 

Important notes 

  • These one-time grants are capped and will be assessed in order of submission of completed applications. Grants will be assessed against the application criteria with qualifying grants awarded on the basis of the time and date of submission of the completed application. There are a limited number of grants available and once allocated no additional grant payments will be made. 

  • One application per allied health clinic/pharmacy will be considered (not per individual provider). 

  • Submission of a grant application, including a compliant GST tax invoice, does not entitle the requesting party to payment of a grant. To be considered, grant applications must meet the qualifying criteria and be received prior to the grant allocation being exhausted.  

If you have any questions regarding the NQPHN Digital Capability grants program 2023, please email 

Last updated: 19 May 2023